Public Relations

PR connects a brand with its customers, community, stakeholders and staff, and shapes a company’s image, reputation, brand perception and culture. We’re experts at communicating an organisation’s message, at the right time, to the right audience through the right channels.

We develop communications strategies that span multi-platforms ensuring our clients generate the right buzz, media coverage and brand awareness to make their chosen audiences sit up and take notice!

Award entries

We know from experience that winning or being nominated for an award can propel a business forward in the most amazing ways. You can reap the rewards of increased sales, widespread credibility, extra valuable exposure within the business community and media, boosts in employee morale and increased levels of traffic to your website. We can develop an awards strategy to add credibility to your organisation and position you as experts in your field. We prepare award entries and manage your pre and post award PR to ensure that you gain maximum recognition for your achievements.

Community relations

At jamjar, we develop community relations strategies for companies that engage with and develop long-term relationships of mutual trust within the communities in which they operate. The community benefits from having support – whether in cash, benefit or kind – that they may not have had access to otherwise. In return, a good community relations programme can help build customer loyalty; increase the profile and enhance the reputation of an organisation; differentiate a company from its competitors and generate goodwill for important stakeholders whether these are clients or staff. Whether it’s through school/university partnerships, apprenticeship schemes, charity fundraising, community sponsorship, tree planting or other environmental initiatives, we will work to understand your business needs and develop a community relations strategy that delivers fruitful rewards for all involved.


We make words work so if you’ve got writer’s block and are struggling to generate copy for your website, advert, brochure, blog, sales letter, newsletter…..the list goes on, look no further.
Getting your copy right is essential, it needs to be on message, in the right tone of voice, and position you in the right way to your chosen audiences. We will get under the skin of your business to understand what makes you tick and what makes you unique and only then will we start to write clear, concise and compelling content.

Crisis communications

At jamjar, we are firm believers in the saying “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” and nothing could be more true when it comes to crisis communications. When you’re in a crisis situation, there is little time to react or think rationally, so preparing a crisis management plan is, in our eyes, a necessity for all businesses. While we appreciate that nobody likes to think about a crisis happening at their organisation, those that have a crisis plan in place can significantly limit the damage should the unthinkable happen. So if you’re like us and like to be prepared, get in touch as we can help put a plan in place!

Event management

Organising an event is a great way of getting your business directly in front of its chosen audiences. We can help you create THE event of the year that is assured to get your guests talking for all the right reasons. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or service, open a new restaurant or bar, entertain clients at a business dinner, engage with suppliers at an exhibition, host an in-store party or invite media to a press conference, we can put together an event that delivers both on format and budget. As well as helping plan the event, we can advise on guest list, invite journalists and carry out all of the event promotion for maximum impact.

Internal communications

Your staff are your most important asset….they are your ambassadors so it is vital that they are engaged with your business, just like any other stakeholder. Like external communications, internal communications is all about strengthening relationships, engagement and relating communication priorities to key business issues. An effective internal communications strategy will allow you to engage, collaborate and gain commitment from employees on key issues that affect your organisation. We are well placed to assess the state of internal communications as we can get an honest and objective picture of what is working well, what is not working and what might work better if adjustments are made. We can then design strategies to ensure you get the best out of your team.

Media Relations

The media continues to be an influence on people’s perceptions of a brand whether this is via traditional platforms such as newspapers, magazines and trade publications, or online platforms such as websites, social media channels and blogs. Our years of experience mean that we have the right contacts and the know-how to generate newsworthy content that secures you that all important media coverage. We take a proactive and reactive approach so that no opportunity is missed in getting your message out into the public domain and if your in-house resources are limited, we can be your outsourced press office function.

Media training

We understand that talking to the media can be a daunting prospect so at jamjar we like to help our clients feel prepared and confident to do so. Through our efforts, we will look to arrange media interviews which could be over the phone, face-to-face with a journalist, or in front of a microphone for broadcast purposes, so it is really important that you present your company in a professional, positive and convincing manner. We make the training both fun and productive, and tailored to your needs, so that your chosen spokespeople are fired up and ready to deal with the media head-on.

Public Relations Strategy

There’s no point in doing PR for PR’s sake! PR must form part of your overall business plan and run alongside your sales and marketing activity. We will work with you to develop a PR strategy that is intrinsically linked to your business goals and objectives. Your ambitions may be to grow your profit, open up opportunities in new geographical areas, launch a new product or recruit new staff….whatever your aspirations, our tailored communications strategy will deliver the results you need.
We will question you on what you’re looking to achieve, who you’re looking to target and what you’re looking to say before crafting the right messages and developing a tactical communications programme that will deliver them in the right way to the right people!

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