Understanding your goals and developing a marketing strategy that will support them is essential to help any business grow. We get under the lid of your organisation to find out where you want to be in three, five and 10 years’ time, before developing a marketing strategy that is guaranteed to deliver. We combine both creative and strategic thinking to ensure that your marketing stands out from the crowd and delivers the results you want.


Digital Marketing

Remember the days when having an online presence just meant you had a one-page website! How things have changed…. As the world of digital marketing continues to constantly change, it makes it hard for businesses to keep up. At jamjar, we guide you through the ever-evolving digital landscape, helping our clients maximise the opportunities available and assisting them to create a multi-faced digital presence that remains true to their brand and business objectives. Whether you’re looking to run a specific digital campaign or want support with your long term digital marketing strategy, we are here to help.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is quite simply about making direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote your products or services. Unlike media advertising, it enables you to target specific people with a personalised message. The tightly targeted communications can be cost effective and extremely powerful, so it is ideal for small businesses. At jamjar we use a variety of different methods – direct mail, mail shots, mobile marketing, email marketing – to name just a few. When developing campaigns we think outside of the jam jar and mix in a juicy dollop of creativity to excite and engage your chosen audiences.

Experiential Marketing

Combined with the amplification that social media provides, memorable live brand experiences stay front of mind, drive sales, create an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand, and trigger that all important word of mouth. Tactics such as flash mobs don’t require huge budgets, making them an ideal tactic for a small business, or when purse strings are tight. When integrated with social media, the potential for flash mobs to go viral is huge, providing entertainment to not only the people who are there, but those who go on to watch and share the viral content. From idea to impact, we work with brands along the whole journey. Give us the opportunity to let our creative juices go wild to come up with unforgettable live experience for your brand!

Sponsorship Consultancy & Activation

Sponsorship is a great tool for brand awareness, sales promotion and customer and employee engagement. The right sponsorship can broaden your competitive advantage by increasing your credibility, image and prestige in sponsoring events that attract your target market. What is often forgotten though with most sponsorships is that the initial investment made is just the tip of the iceberg and you get out of it what you put in. At jamjar, we can guide you through every stage of the sponsorship process – from strategy to delivery – in order to ensure that your investment creates brand and business value.

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