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Public Health Wales (PHW) is the national public health agency in Wales and exists to protect and improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities in Wales.

The brief

Following a competitive pitch, jamjar was commissioned to develop a strong and recognisable bilingual visual identity for use in all immunisation resources and assets produced by PHW.

Immunisation programmes are one of the most successful public health interventions globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 2-3 million lives are saved every year worldwide through immunisation.

Public confidence and trust are critical to the success of these programmes and the communication materials the public view has a direct impact on this.

Our brief was therefore to create a visual identity informed by research, behavioural science and public engagement, which is viewed by the target audience as being trustworthy, authoritative, contemporary, fresh and engaging.

What we did


As with all our branding projects, phase one involved a lot of research. We quizzed the health professionals at Public Health Wales on the types of immunisations and the benefits of vaccinations; we looked at what other health organisations were doing in a similar field; we looked at survey results from PHW and insight from the World Health Organisation about barriers to immunisations and how to maintain trust in vaccinations; we surveyed our target audience on their perceptions of immunisations and much more.

Thorough research at this stage gave us strong foundations to build the visual identity from.

Concept creation

Armed with our evidence from the research phase, we set about developing visual concepts which we felt best fitted the brief.

Having undertaken several behavioural change campaigns on behalf of health organisations, we used this insight to ensure the concepts were influenced by behavioural science, as well as design psychology.

We worked up two firm concepts which we then tested amongst our target audience. We established a testing panel which included an even cross-section of people across Wales who fell into the following categories: expectant parents, parents of babies, parents of toddlers, parents of teenagers and over 55s.

Secondly, we used two anonymous groups via an online survey platform who were 1) parents and 2) over 55s from across Wales.

We asked them lots of questions on the concepts we developed gaining their feedback on which resonated with them the most, which they trusted the most, which colours stood out if they resonated more with photography or illustrations, and much more.

Using the findings from our public engagement, we were in a position to develop our final concept.

Logo identity

The chosen logo identity incorporates a heart and the letters ‘B’ (Brechu) and ‘V’ (Vaccinations) within a shield to represent the protection provided by immunisations.  It also includes a strong strapline ‘Vaccination saves lives’, designed to portray the significance of immunisations.

Logo variations

To connect with audiences in Wales and also to tie in with strategic campaigns, Public Health Wales wanted a series of variations of the main logo to use on topical content.

Colour palette

A colour palette was chosen for the identity based on public engagement, colour psychology, and the emotions and feelings we wanted to illicit amongst our target audience.

Primary colour:

  • Blues: Trust and confidence

Secondary colours:

  • Yellow: Optimism, the promise of a positive future
  • Purple: Inspiring, increased intuition
  • Coral pink: Nurturing, affectionate

Visual personalisation

Sub-brands of the overarching visual identity were created to aid personalisation amongst our key audience groups.

The sub-brands retain the main aspects of the primary brand, but use a different colour for the symbol.

This colour was then used as an accent across all material created for this audience to help the target audience distinguish that the communications are meant for them.

Imagery and graphical devices

Strong photography of people is at the heart of the visual identity we developed, and

As psychology dictates that we are more likely to respond positively to something if it features someone with the same characteristics as ourselves, we curated an image bank of photos that reflected the target audiences to use across the resources.

We created graphical devices to apply across the resources to enhance the general aesthetic and strengthen recognition of the brand.

  • The shape of the shield in the logo can be used to add borders to images.
  • The protective swirl can be added to photography to highlight the person that needs protecting.
  • The curves from the swirl can also be used as a device to underline

End result

The end result is a strong, flexible visual identity that can be tailored to varying audiences and used across a variety of resources.

What the client had to say

We have enjoyed working with jamjar on our visual identity project for the Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme in Public Health Wales. It has been a good collaborative process with successful results within specified timelines; working flexibly along the way to meet the needs of the service. We are very happy with the final product. Diolch yn fawr jamjar!

The Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme Team

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