Community Pharmacy Wales

Communication Materials Project CPW Hospital Animation FR1

Background and brief

Community Pharmacy Wales (CPW) represents and provides support for all 716 community
pharmacies across Wales. It came to jamjar wanting to educate its audiences about the Discharge Medicine Review (DMR) service, which checks that patients receive the right medication from their GP after they come out of hospital. With three distinct audiences (the public, hospital staff and pharmacists), CPW wanted to ensure that it had the tools to help everyone who needs to know about the service truly understand it.

Communication Materials Project CPW Computer Visuals V3

What we did

We worked closely with CPW to understand the DMR service. We quizzed them on what each
audience needed to know and developed key messages that needed to be communicated.
After delving deeper, it was clear we needed to create three separate explainer animations. While
each animation needed to be distinct from a messaging perspective, they all needed to look
cohesive from a design and style perspective.
Our animation process involved:
• Scripting
• Storyboarding
• Sourcing and recording voiceovers
• Creating graphics
• Animating
• Subtitling

Communication Materials Project CPW Public Animation FR3

The end result

CPW now has a series of DMR animations to help communicate what the service is to its audiences.
“Fantastic. I’m really happy with them. Thank you for your hard work.”