UK trade mark filings increase is ‘insurance’ over EU uncertainty say Cardiff IP experts

By Raspberry Jim,

Uncertainty over the future of EU trade marks following Brexit has sparked a surge in the number of UK application filings, a leading Cardiff intellectual property specialist has reported.

Wynne Jones IP said that, since the June referendum, clients who file trade mark applications in the EU, are also now filing separate UK applications, even though EU ones still cover the UK.

Also, many are refiling their entire EU trade mark portfolios at the UK Intellectual Property Office.

This comes in the light of uncertainty as to the status of EU trade marks once the UK leaves the European Union.

The IP experts said figures showed UK trade mark application filings were up 33% in August 2016 compared with the same period in 2015.

The same month also saw applications for UK registered designs soar by 95% more than August 2015.

Trade mark attorney and partner, Victor Caddy, from the Cardiff intellectual property specialist said: “Businesses hate uncertainty, and so with all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, they are understandably looking for ways to minimise  the risk of problems downstream when the UK leaves the EU.

“The full implications of the UK leaving the EU are not yet clear for intellectual property rights such as trade marks and designs.

“It is important to remember that EU registered trade marks and designs are still in force in the UK, but what businesses are looking for is some kind of insurance policy over what might happen in the future.

“Although some kind of process for dividing EU trade marks into separate EU and UK ones is highly likely in due course, we do not know what it will entail, what risks will be associated with it, when it will be available, or how much it will cost.

By filing UK applications now, businesses can remove all that uncertainty and invest in their brands with confidence.

“Wynne-Jones IP encourages those with EU trade marks and designs to review their portfolios, any agreements with third parties, and the geographical scope of their usage and to seek advice in the lead up to Brexit to safeguard intellectual property rights

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