Tim Peake space capsule made of LEGO and hydrogen-powered car arrive at Techniquest

By Raspberry Jim,

Lego capsule


A replica of Tim Peake’s space capsule built using 150,000 LEGO bricks has gone on display at Cardiff’s Techniquest.

The replica of the Russian Soyuz Space Capsule, created by the UK Space Agency and professional LEGO building company Bright Bricks, is set to be exhibited at the science discovery centre from this month.

The design and engineering feat, which is two-thirds the size of the original craft, took 650 hours to build.

It is modelled on the space craft which transported Major Peake to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015 and routinely transports astronauts and supplies to the craft.

The capsule’s tour to Techniquest comes after the astronaut himself visited the educational charity last year speaking with hundreds of school children about his space travel.

Techniquest CEO Lesley Kirkpatrick said they were delighted to host the “impressive” LEGO creation.

She said: “The replica capsule is extremely impressive and we are thrilled to have it here at Techniquest.

“It is highly detailed in its recreation of the Soyuz capsule, and the level of detail involved is reflected in the manpower which it took to create it.

“I’m sure all our visitors will enjoy seeing this up close and getting a sense of Major Peake’s journey into space.”

However, the LEGO capsule isn’t the only futuristic exhibition attracting visitors to Techniquest this month.

A vehicle powered almost entirely by hydrogen is also being displayed at the Cardiff Bay-based centre from this month onwards.

The Rasa model, which has been designed by Llandrindod Wells company Riversimple, will also feature among the centre’s 120 interactive exhibitions.

The car runs from an 8.5kw hydrogen fuel cell, features slimline tyres, a single speed gearbox, and can reach speeds of 60mph in 10 seconds and drive for up to 300 miles on a 1.5kg tank of hydrogen.

The car is also manufactured using light carbon fibre which means its total weight is just 580kg.

Ms Kirkpatrick said: “The Riversimple Rasa car is really impressive in terms of what it can achieve by utilising innovation, ingenuity and impressive scientific thinking.

“We are thrilled to have it on display here at Techniquest as it is a tangible example for our visitors young and old of the importance of applying science throughout society and the benefits it can bring.

“The model perfectly demonstrates how pressing environmental issues can be solved by using practical scientific solutions, and we are confident it will inspire our younger visitors to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers.

“Not only that, it has been expertly manufactured by a company here in Wales, so it clearly demonstrates the talent and potential for innovation right here on our doorstep.”

Watch the LEGO capsule being created by Bright Bricks here.