How to make your social media work for your business

By Raspberry Jim,

Social without strategy is like going on a road trip without Google Maps. You don’t know where you’re going! As with any journey, it’s important to know where you want to go.

When we work with brands, we get to know their business, industry and audience, before building a customised plan for success. We align audience, objectives and tactics in a way that achieves specific, measurable results.

To help you navigate your way, we’ve come up some tips to help your social content cut through the noise:

Jamming at jamjar HQ

Lifting the lid – Know your channels and use them appropriately

Whether you’re going to use them all straight away or not, we think it’s important that you claim your handle (or username) across all channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat – so nobody else does. Aim for consistency and make sure your handle is the same across them all.

Before you start, make sure you understand the differences between them all and know what works best for each channel.

Also think about your audience and the channels they are most likely to use. For example, if you’re trying to reach a younger demographic, Instagram and Snapchat need to be your go-tos.

Daunted at the prospect? jamjar can guide you through this social minefield and help you determine which platform is best suited to your marketing needs as a starting point for your strategy.

Jam vs Marmalade – What are you doing compared to your competitors?

Everyone has fallen down the Instagram rabbit hole, right? 12 profiles deep into the pop star ex-boyfriend of a reality star’s cousin. A bit of social media snooping is totally normal these days. So, snoop on your competitors!

Do your research to make sure all your content is ahead of the curve. Need help with this? Most people do! jamjar can help you put together competitor analyses and content ideas to strengthen your social media proposition.

The jam – What should you post about?

Don’t be all work, work, work – show a little life and personality in your social media.

Show your followers that there are real people behind your company and that it isn’t a bot sending out pre-scheduled posts.

Have fun and lighten up with some varied but relevant content, but make sure it is polished and professional.

If you need support, we can help you create and fine-tune your posts making sure that you are both impressive and typo-free!

Spread the jam – How should you engage with people?

…Like you would if you were seeing them face to face! Ask questions, listen to their feedback, don’t over-share. Social etiquette is the same in person and online.

Your followers are your best advocates so encourage them to comment and interact with your social media. This will help you gain insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

It’s also worth following industry experts and influencers so that you can share and repost relevant and relatable content with your followers.

Engage, enlighten, encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.

Susan Cooper

Sticky situation – Don’t fall into follower traps

Don’t be tempted to buy your initial social media following. The best engagement and results come with growing your following organically as your brand grows.

Bought followers are not your real audience and once your real followers catch on to this you’ll lose their engagement, as well as damage your reputation (not to mention it’s against the T&Cs of all the major social media networks and you’ll probably get your account banned).

If you want to increase followers and engagement, but don’t know where to start, give us a shout.

That’s my jam – Are your ambitions reflected in your brand?

Your image and brand need to be consistent across all communications.

Make sure the look, tone and feel are the same across all channels and that it is in keeping with your brand vision and personality.

Do you know the difference between the nine (!) Georgia fonts? No? jamjar is here to offer you some creative guidance to steer you through the pitfalls of logos, colours and fonts to create something that will last.

We really hope you found this social media taster insightful. If you need any support or training, we’d love to jam with you. Get in touch!

Mythical Creatures made with LEGO® bricks have arrived at Mermaid Quay

By Raspberry Jim,

Cardiff Bay is home to mythical creatures and more now that the BRICKLIVE Fantasy Kingdom has landed at Mermaid Quay.

Nine fabulous models made with a total of nearly 750,000 LEGO® bricks have taken over Tacoma Square, in the heart of Mermaid Quay, until Sunday 1st September.

Free to view, the display features an 11ft fire-breathing dragon, a unicorn and two hunting wolves as well as a wizard, princess, knight and huntswoman. Collectively the models took over 2,000 hours to build. There are also cute dragon whelps (baby dragons) displayed in the windows of various businesses in Mermaid Quay.

At the heart of the display is a throne – laid out in shimmering silk and encrusted with the finest LEGO® brick rubies, emeralds and sapphires – on which visitors can sit and take selfies. Mermaid Quay is running a weekly photo competition to crown a Selfie King or Queen each week – with FREE ice cream for a year from Cadwaladers Mermaid Quay as the weekly prize.

In addition, Mermaid Quay is running a host of other competitions, including:

  • A colouring competition to win a £100 voucher to spend at wagamama Mermaid Quay for young people aged 11 and under to bring their fantasy land to life with their best ever colouring in.
  • story writing competition to win a dinner for a family of four worth up to £75 from Bill’s Mermaid Quay with the theme of myths and legends for anyone aged 12 or over.
  • A themed fancy-dress competition to win fabulous treats at The Crepe Escape Mermaid Quay – open to all ages, the ‘fantasy’ theme means that visitors can let their imaginations run wild with a rich array of possible costumes – from princesses and knights to mythical creatures and unicorns!

This is the first time BRICKLIVE’s Fantasy Kingdom have been be on display in Wales and follows the success of previous displays at Mermaid Quay including the Great Brick Safari, Santa’s Sleigh and Big Cats, which all attracted many thousands of visitors.

The display is visible any time, but the throne will only be available to sit on 10am – 6pm daily. Visiting the installation is free of charge.

World Emoji Day

By Raspberry Jim,

Wednesday 17th July 2019

We’re celebrating World Emoji Day here at jamjar which made us think, when did emojis become such a presence in our communications. Whether it’s every day in Whatsapp or big brand usage, we’re going to take a look…

Emoji History

Here are some stats:

  • Originating on Japanese mobile phones in 1997, the emoji became increasingly popular worldwide in the 2010s after being added to several mobile operating systems.
  • Five billion emojis are sent daily on Facebook Messenger.
  • By mid-2015, half of all comments on Instagram included an emoji.

Becoming a part of everyday communication

Emojis become so engrained in our communications that in 2015 the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year was an emoji.

This one to be precise:


Oxford Dictionaries President, Caspar Grathwohl, explained that:

“Traditional alphabet scripts have been struggling to meet the rapid-fire, visually focused demands of 21st Century communication. It’s not surprising that a pictographic script like emoji has stepped in to fill those gaps—it’s flexible, immediate, and infuses tone beautifully.”

In popular culture

Adding to the plethora of emojis in our lives, 2017 also saw the release of The Emoji Movie drawing big name stars like Patrick Stewart, Christina Aguilera and James Corden to add voices to the emoji characters.

Most and least used emojis

Here at jamjar we did a poll and found out that our most used emojis are:

❤️ 🤦‍♀️

Our most used food and drink emojis are:

🍓 🍷

And our most used animal emojis are:

🙈 🙊

We like to be a bit different here at jamjar and we’re bucking the trend with the rest of the UK who’s favourite emoji according to a 2018 article was the 😂 along with the US, whist Canada is spreading the love with the ❤️ but Ireland leads with the 💩 (the article chose to exclude the ubiquitous smiley face and go for the second most popular).

In case all this emoji chat has piqued your curiosity….care to hazard a guess as to what are the least used emojis? It’s the aerial tramway 🚡 and the uppercase ABCD block 🔠.

Confusing emojis

Does this mean silly, yum or joking to you?


Here at jamjar we think it means yummy, but silly was a very close second! How about you?

Take a look at some confusing emojis below:

(Source HSI)

Emojis in marketing campaigns

Big name brands are also not afraid to embrace the emoji. Some brilliant examples of late have included Dominos Pizza (who now allow you to order a pizza using the pizza emoji) and also the WWF campaign that highlighted that there are 17 emoji animals that are currently endangered and encouraged people to donate 10p every time they were retweeted.

(Source )

And finally…

Because we know by now that we definitely have piqued your emoji interest, we’ll leave you with these teasers curated by the jamjar team of their favourite films and songs:

Favourite Songs:





Favourite Films:




📖👱‍♀️🦃 🍲