Social media content during the Coronavirus – why your channels don’t need to lockdown

By Ellé Holley,

Following on from our last blog where we emphasised the importance of remaining digitally ‘present’ even if your business is temporarily closed due to COVID 19, here we share our tips on approaching social media content over the next few months.

Be sensitive

Social media planning is proving to be a tricky task during this global pandemic.

The virus is having a huge impact on social media for brands and the situation is changing day-by-day, leaving many marketeers and business owners unsure on what they should and shouldn’t do during this lockdown.

The main thing to remember is to be sensitive to the situation and remain relevant during this health crisis.

Your usual posting schedule is going to be turned on its head, but that’s okay – it is a good learning opportunity.

Take the time to put more thought into the content you’re posting and look at its tone. Ask yourself if your message sounds or looks out of place next to a post about Coronavirus. You don’t want to be seen to be glossing over the situation at hand.

Although everyone is looking for ways to keep their businesses afloat, this isn’t the right time to overtly sell on social media unless you are providing a local service which the community needs.

This is your opportunity to get social. Use this time to engage with your followers on a more personal level. Connect with your followers about their questions and concerns. Learn more about your market. And most importantly, show that you care. If your followers see you as a brand that cares, they are far more likely to support you.

Be smart

Each of the main social media platforms have seen a drop in engagement. Facebook and Instagram have seen the largest declines both with a 14% drop. However, Twitter seems to be weathering the storm a little better with only a 7% drop.

This is because people are turning to Twitter for live updates, breaking news and information. They also want to connect with brands and organisations instantly with any concerns they may have.

Facebook and Instagram have seen a decline due to their algorithm heavy feeds; people don’t want to be bombarded with curated and paid-for content during this period of concern.

Higher education and media are seeing the highest engagement, as they are at the centre of some of the nation’s main concerns. They are also working around the clock to keep their followers and stakeholders up to date with the latest developments.

The above means that you need to adapt to this new social media landscape. Be smart about where to focus your efforts and plan your content around what your followers want and, in many ways, need to see right now.

Be straight up

All aspects of life are a bit upside down at the moment and people are taking time to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Children are jumping in on zoom calls, parents are adapting to being teachers and businesses are having to change their business models to stay afloat.

None of it is easy so be straight up on social media and tell your followers how you’re finding it. People will appreciate your honesty.

  • Let your followers know how your business is doing. What are you doing for your staff to help during this time? How are you all adapting if you’re working from home? Give a behind the scenes look at your new normal.
  • Working from home with kids is no easy task. If you have any tips on this, share them!
  • What are you as a company doing to help others right now? Are you supporting workers on the front line? Donating to charities? Offering discounts? Anything you are doing to help during this uncertain time places you as part of a wider support system, and that is the type of content that consumers are interested in right now. 
  • Amidst the doom and gloom sharing some positive content can be a game changer. Let your followers know if your business has had some good news, won a new contract, survived another day of home schooling…anything that has made you feel happy that day!

Be a source

With the pandemic running rampant across the globe, people are turning to social media for news, information and advice.

If you are in a position to be a source of information on a related aspect of the pandemic – be it employment law relating to furloughing employees or financial advice for weathering the storm – use social media to showcase your expertise and provide advice.

With the coronavirus ‘infodemic’ in full force, if you’re planning on sharing content on social media make sure it’s from a reliable and trusted source.

Be supportive

Above all, despite these unprecedented times, remember that we’re all in this together. Social media is a great community tool so use it to show your support to others in your network.

If you require any communications support during the Coronavirus pandemic, please contact us.

Elle is our Senior Communications Executive here at jamjar. With a wealth of PR experience, there isn’t a comms challenge she can’t manage.