Seventy Beaver Scouts enjoy mass indoor camping event and pirate-themed challenges

By Raspberry Jim,

Over 70 Beaver Scouts across Ceredigion have swapped the great outdoors for the great indoors for a series of challenges with a swashbuckling theme.

The Beaver Scouts, from eight different locations across Ceredigion, have come together online to take part in six Pirate-themed activities.

During the weekend they enjoyed a mass sleepover, with members challenged to sleep somewhere other than their beds, whether that was a tent, their living room, or the dining room.

As the original sleepover was due to be held over St George’s Day, the Scouts also renewed their Scouting pledge during the online event.

Alongside this the Beaver Scouts were also tasked with making a campfire, and creating a treasure map

All the Beaver Scouts who took part in the unique indoor challenges have earned a special Scouts badge to commemorate their efforts.

Ellie O’Neill, leader at 3rd Cardigan, created the Pirate-themed activity challenge, while Claire Jones, Assistant Area Commissioner for Beaver Scouts, brought it to life. Ms Jones said:

“We were thrilled that so many Beaver Scouts were able to come together and take part in this challenge.

“When we first learned it was going to be cancelled we were disappointed, so this was a great way to keep their spirits up and still allow them to enjoy all the fun of camping.

“During the challenge, our members came up with ingenious sleeping arrangements, including tents in dining rooms and living rooms.

 “One parent said that it was a great idea that kept their children entertained all weekend.

“Were thrilled with the success of the event and we’d like to thank all those involved.”