ScoutsCymru renews ‘highly successful’ partnership with UK Parliament Week

By Raspberry Jim,

Budding young politicians across Wales are getting the chance to unleash their inner MP thanks to a successful partnership between ScoutsCymru and UK Parliament Week.

The two are teaming up for the fourth year this Autumn in a bid to empower young people to explore politics and engage them in conversations about what Parliament means to them.

This comes after a hugely successful event last year, which saw over 1.2 million people take part in the UK-wide initiative surrounding democracy, people power, and making change happen.

Participants in 2019 included 50 members of the 1st Johnston Beavers and Cubs who used the week to work towards their democracy badge.

Maria Sky, the Group’s Beaver Leader and Assistant Cub Leader, said they were thrilled to be taking part again this year, as last year had been a “great learning experience for everyone”.

She said: “I sent an email to UK Parliament Week and told them about our Democracy Badge work and explained that taking part would be hugely beneficial for our young people.

“We were then sent excellent resources to get us started, including a voting kit and voting box.

“Everyone got stuck in and loved the activities, the Cubs especially had a fantastic time picking their parties and getting their manifestos together. Needless to say, voting day was very loud and excited!

“Our young people had the opportunity to learn about the House of Commons, House of Lords, UK Government, the Senedd, and about the main work of the UK Parliament. They were able to discuss matters that interested them – the debates were great to listen to.

“We are definitely looking at getting involved again this year, we found the experience to be extremely beneficial for our sections. It was so interesting to see the impact it had on the young people. It was a great learning experience for everyone.”

ScoutsCymru hope that their fourth partnership with UK Parliament week will produce more success stories like that of the 1st Johnston Beavers and Cubs Group.

Rhian Moore, Chief Commissioner for Wales, said:

“Our young people are the change-makers and make-it-happen-ers for tomorrow.

“Their optimism and enthusiasm to do good in the world is truly inspiring, so we want to ensure they are fully equipped to voice their opinions on issues that matter to them and be engaged in important conversations.

“The 1St Johnston Beavers and Cubs had a fantastic time during last year’s UK Parliament Week, and it was a similar picture across Wales with other groups who got involved. It was an easy decision to renew the partnership this year and we hope to see even more young people across Wales taking part.”

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