ScoutsCymru appoint two new Deputy Chief Commissioners

By Raspberry Jim,

ScoutsCymru has appointed two new Deputy Chief Commissioners to help drive the movement forward in Wales.

Joseph Murphy and Daniel Lyons have been appointed to support the development of ScoutsCymru and the implementation of a new strategy that focuses on giving young people in Wales skills for life.

The new Deputy Chief Commissioners will be working as part of Team Cymru, a dedicated panel responsible for the management of Scouting in Wales.  

Under the leadership of Chief Commissioner Rhian Moore, the duo will support in leading and managing the 6,500 volunteers in Wales who run the 300 groups across the country.

Joseph Murphy, 35, from Cardiff, is a Senior Business Manager for digital innovation company Simply Do Ideas and co-founder of Global Choices at the University of South Wales, a series of high-profile public talks, and TEDxNeathPortTalbot. As an experienced leader and growth expert, Joseph joins ScoutsCymru with a wealth of business experience, which he hopes to use to grow and diversify the ScoutsCymru membership and volunteer base.

On his appointment, he said:

“Scouting sets challenging expectations of its members, and these are values that I share, particularly trust, loyalty and courage. I want to invest in organisations that nurture these values holistically and for the long term.

“I’m a proud Welshman with an outward looking perspective. I have benefited from a robust education system, excellent employment opportunities and a supportive community and I’m now in a position to give back so that others may benefit too.

“In business, with people, for projects and programmes, growth is my passion. Through personal drive and professional expertise, I hope to support the growth of ScoutsCymru and in turn, grow as a person also.”

Daniel Lyons, 31, from Newport, brings over 15 years’ experience in leading and innovating impactful projects for children and young people in the statutory and charity sectors on an all Wales level. After volunteering for St Johns Cymru since the age of nine, he joined the organisation as its National Youth Development Manager in 2011 where he is responsible for developing and leading the National Youth Team, Programmes and Senior Regional Youth Officers. He plans to use experience in volunteering, alongside his experience of developing and delivering diverse, impactful young people and community centred programmes, to add value to ScoutsCymru. He said:

“Having worked in the youth work sector for a long time, I’ve witnessed the positive impact that Scouting has on young people, adult volunteers and communities across Wales. The leaders and staff are all an inspiration, full of passion and ideas and fully committed to delivering the highest standards.

“I was excited by the latest strategy and felt I had the skills and experience that could help make it a reality.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help lead and support ScoutsCymru in growing Scouting in Wales. The active and meaningful participation of young people and the commitment and skills of our leaders are key in delivering an inclusive and growing offer.

“I’m keen to ensure that we have systems, plans and support that enable our young people and leaders to deliver on the full potential of Scouting.”

Rhian Moore, Chief Commissioner for Wales, said:

“We are at a critical time for Scouting in Wales and we have an amazing opportunity to do things differently so we can support even more young people and help them to develop skills that will set them up for life.

“We are thrilled to welcome two new experienced and enthusiastic individuals to Team Cymru. Both Joseph and Daniel come from two different professional backgrounds but have a common goal of supporting young people and creating a Wales-wide inclusive Scouting movement. Together they will be a great asset to ScoutsCymru, and we are extremely excited for the future.”

ScoutsCymru gives over 14,000 young people in Wales the opportunity to enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed, now and in the future. Open to all young people in Wales regardless of faith, gender, sexual orientation, race or social background, the movement encourages its members to do more, learn more and be more.