Reflecting, learning, and moving forward

By Carys Bryant,

It’s been a long summer, hasn’t it?

From the start of lockdown back in March, to the ‘the new normal’ we’re living in now, we’ve all been on a bit of an emotional journey!

It’s easy to look back on the past few months and focus on the tragedies, the social limitations, and the loved ones we’ve missed and the things we couldn’t do and the people we couldn’t see.

We’ve all shared in the frustration of wanting to venture beyond five miles, had to abandon a trip to the shops after forgetting our mask and hand-sanitiser, and watched everything on Netflix in a bid to escape the daily Government briefings.

How badly did we all need a haircut, and how many of us gave or received a DIY at-home haircut? (Hands up for both over here!)

We missed our friends, our family, birthdays, and weddings got cancelled.

As a nation, we’ve shared in so much. But with the sadness, has come new lessons and a refocussing of priorities.

As some parts of the country once again face lockdown measures, here’s a look at some of the positives we’ve learned which will help us going forward.

Panic buying, priorities, and banana bread

The panic buying back in March was borderline apocalyptic.

Hand soap, dried pasta, canned tomatoes, and flour disappeared overnight! And toilet roll was basically like gold dust!

This was a startling and unnerving time which underlined the reality and panic surrounding the pandemic.

But once that had calmed down, once everyone realised we weren’t going to run out of food, things took a calmer turn.

We started prioritising buying fresh, local, and making more from scratch.

Smaller, local shops like the grocers were used to deliver a fruit and veg box, and the butchers, which would do local delivery instead of big chain supermarkets.

And who didn’t try to whip up a banana bread? The nation went into a banana bread frenzy – with Jamie Oliver reporting  that banana bread was one of the most searched recipes on his website on the weekend of 4th April.

Did anyone not make banana bread this summer?

Love is all you need

The best things in life are free – that sentiment was highlighted in abundance this summer.

With many of us unable to see loved ones or friends, we suddenly found ourselves pining for a catch up or a hug from our nearest and dearest.

From parents to grandparents, to friends to colleagues, there’s just something about human contact that no Facetime or virtual pub quiz can replace!

Our loved ones never felt so far away.

Ironically, at a time when we have all been physically separated, we have been united emotionally as a nation in our shared experiences – both happy and sad.

Thanking our everyday superheroes

We always knew the NHS was an invaluable service.

But since coronavirus struck the dedication, professionalism, and heroism of those on the NHS frontline has been on display for all to see and admire.

But the pandemic also shone a light on all the other everyday heroes, whose dedication was invaluable during lockdown.

Teachers, childminders, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, shop workers, the list goes on – we couldn’t have continued without them.

I’m sure anyone who attempted to home school has a heightened appreciation for the amazing work teachers do!

From us to all key workers – thank you so much.

Achieving a better balance

Many of us have missed a catch up cuppa with colleagues, and a lovely coffee from Costa.

But, if we’re honest working from home led us to discover a better work-life balance.

Suddenly 20 minutes of yoga at lunch, chatting to your partner, or quick cuddles with your children are all possible and make the day better.

Not many people have missed the hour daily commute, or public transport during rush hour.

In fact, research from Eskenzi suggests that 91% of the UK’s office workers would like to continue working from home at least part of the time.

With that in mind, we hope that everyone can achieve a better work/life balance as we adapt to this new normal.

Helping Mother Earth

We’ve all really come to appreciate nature this summer.

The beautiful weather has enabled us to enjoy the outdoors during lockdown, and our gardens have never looked so good!

With walks and exercise providing a sense of escapism from the pandemic messaging, we all learned to love our local communities and natural surroundings.

More importantly, the lack of traffic has seen the environment improve substantially, with air pollution levels decreasing significantly globally.

Photos were published of the smog clearing over Los Angeles, and satellite imagery from the European Space Agency shows air pollution levels have (temporarily) been reduced.

These environmental benefits have only been made possible thanks to our collective effort, so in order to maintain this progress we need to keep working together.

There’s no Earth B as they say, so let’s keep protecting the environment so that we can all continue enjoying it.

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Carys is our Marketing Manager here at jamjar and is responsible for developing and implementing bilingual marketing campaigns for clients.