Vale Consultancy1




Vale Consultancy is renowned nationwide for its ability to exceed expectations and bring the extraordinary to life through its innovative engineering solutions.

As a leading Chartered Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy, its dynamic results are instantly recognisable thanks to the team’s endless creativity, which transcends the conventional and consistently delivers something truly unique.

Whether it is taking on large-scale commercial projects in the construction sector, or small-scale structural designs, its diversely skilled team is able to deliver unparalleled results for clients right across South Wales and throughout the UK. With its nationwide reputation for innovation and creativity only growing, it felt fitting that its branding should finally reflect its creative ethos.


The brief

We were approached by Vale Consultancy earlier this year to transform the brand and bring it in line with their uniquely innovative vision and diverse client base.






In order to communicate their progressive vision to their clients, we developed a refresh of their existing branding identity. This blended both traditional elements of the brand with new visual concepts to maintain a consistent overall image that would be instantly recognisable to existing clients, while appealing to a new audience.

The refresh included an entirely re-imagined logo, which evolved from a three-layered letter V. This retained its structural 3D drawing style to reflect the nature of the multi-layered engineering industry, however, we refined the three Vs into one simple, bold and strong visual icon, to reinforce the reliability and strength associated with Vale Consultancy.







The final output

The Vale Consultancy logo was modernised while retaining its recognisable branding. This consisted of utilising the logo’s original colour palette to ensure continued recognition among existing clients and audiences, while introducing two new fonts to keep the brand coherent and provide longevity. The effective new logo, which comprised new and old aspects of the brand, was created with aim of being equally recognisable and impactful across all media platforms.