Artes Mundi




The Brief


Artes Mundi is the UK’s largest international art exhibition and prize, held biennially in Cardiff.  Artes Mundi 6 brought a shortlist of 10 international artists to three venues across the city.


Jamjar was tasked with developing a strong, creative and imaginative social media campaign that created a buzz about Artes Mundi 6, increased the following of its social channels and its influence in the arts community, while driving traffic to the website.



What we did


An audience survey following Artes Mundi 5 showed that 51% of visitors regularly used Facebook and Twitter, but only 1% of visitors had found out about the exhibition using these channels.


Our strategy focused on developing rich, shareable, platform-specific content and distributing it where our target audience were active online, while at the same time encouraging user-generated content and social conversations about the exhibition.


The strategy took into account challenges identified in a SWOT analysis during the planning phase of the campaign, mainly that there was limited WiFi access in exhibition venues and none of the artists themselves were on/used social media.


Tactics included:


Infographic – designed and shared an infographic which summarised key aspects of the exhibition and artists amongst online communities


Teaser trailer – developed and shared a teaser video using footage of Artes Mundi 5


Competitions – ran a social media competition to win VIP tickets to the private launch, the mechanic of which was designed to increase followers


Artist profiling – started sharing photos of artists’ previous work to build buzz/start conversations


Behind the scenes – shared exclusive behind the scenes photography of the exhibition build to heighten buzz


Launch event/results dinner – live posts to build anticipation amongst the public


Guest blogs – curated blogs giving different perspectives on Artes Mundi 6 – e.g local art student, young professional, local mummy


Instachallenge – developed and implemented Instagram photo challenge. Invited people to explore the exhibition and artist’s themes and issues in their own lives through a photo challenge


Sharing event/workshop content – scheduled posts in the lead up to events to encourage attendance; shared pics/videos from events; targeted specific audiences for events – e.g parents for half term events; included event participants in posts to encourage RTs/shares


Encouraging & stimulating conversation – proactively monitored comments about AM6 & created conversations with visitors; posted prompter questions designed to generate conversations online


Audience’s Choice Survey – used social media as an audience research tool to find out visitors’ favourite work, how they felt about the exhibition, venues visited, how they heard about the exhibition


We were acutely aware that we needed to be active online where our audiences were. We identified that there is a very active visual arts community on Instagram so set up a profile. In addition, we used, a video platform aimed at showcasing the best video content from the UK arts industry.


What we achieved


Using Sprout Social metrics, highlights include:

  • 8m impressions for @artesmundi
  • 6m impressions around winner’s announcement for ‘artes mundi’
  • 7,410 interactions
  • Social media followers/likes increased by 2,737
  • Klout score up from 52 to 65
  • Tweets from key influencers @NYTimesArt 1.3m followers, @an_artnews 500k followers, @WillGompertzBBC 15k followers, @ICALondon 158K followers, @WhiteCube 62.5K followers
  • 1,452 views of teaser trailer
  • 22% of Audience Choice survey respondents heard about Artes Mundi 6 through social media (compared to 1% for AM5)
  • 11% of all website traffic driven through social media


What this meant for our client


An overwhelming 88,218 visitors attended Artes Mundi 6 and a total of 166,081 people were engaged with Artes Mundi via the exhibitions, events and outreach activities – a 58% increase on the previous year.