Oil 4 Wales fuel donation aids ‘vital’ Maesteg charity deliveries

By Raspberry Jim,

A Bridgend charity whose “incredible” volunteers are providing invaluable support to vulnerable, elderly and isolated people are getting their journeys fuelled thanks to Oil 4 Wales. 

Special Families Maesteg has received a £100 a week petrol credit from the proud Welsh oil distributor, to enable it to continue carrying out vital deliveries and services in the community during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Bridgend-based charity has been supporting at-risk individuals through its Maesteg Fairfield Centre Coronavirus help group, which was established after lockdown measures were introduced in March. 

As part of its service, the group’s 30 volunteers have been constantly behind the wheel delivering and collecting prescriptions, delivering food and carrying out wellbeing calls to lonely and vulnerable people across 250 homes.

Volunteers are providing around-the-clock service, highlighting those most in need, and dedicating themselves to ensuring that shielding, vulnerable, elderly, Ill or isolated people receive the care they desperately need. 

On the donation from Oil 4 Wales, which supplies over 160 million litres of fuel to commercial and residential customers annually, Chair of Special Families Maesteg Claire Edmunds said they “couldn’t be more grateful”. She said:

“Our trusted team of volunteers are making a real difference in our community.

“We are determined to keep looking after those we have found in the community that need our support during the lockdown and even after the lockdown is lifted. We will be there until they are back on their feet.

“The pandemic has left people struggling in so many ways. Basic essentials have become unaffordable for some families and it’s a real concern. We’ve been issuing foodbank vouchers to people who need them but unfortunately, not everyone will qualify for them. In these cases, we have a small supply of food that has been donated, so we are making hampers and delivering them to those who need them.

“We’ve recently offered a free garden clean up service for those who can’t do it themselves. Being stuck indoors 24/7 can have such a detrimental effect on an individual’s mental health so we hope this service will ensure people have access to some fresh air.

“We’ve linked with social services, GP surgeries, chemists, housing agencies and mental health resources to be able to provide as much support as we possibly can to those struggling in the community.

“To keep carrying out our work we are always in need of support, whether a champion to support us, donations, or anything positive that supports us in making sure that every single person in need gets help really goes such a long way.

“The donation of petrol from Oil 4 Wales is such an incredible help to our volunteers. They are continuously driving around the town and surrounding areas and the petrol costs add up. We couldn’t be more grateful. The donation will ensure that we can keep providing care to our community during this worrying time.”

Oil 4 Wales, which prides itself on working with communities and for communities, is also offering local NHS staff in Carmarthenshire discounted fuel during the coronavirus pandemic.

Its dedicated staff have been working around the clock to deliver essential oil and fuel supplies across the country, and it also played its part in creating Wales’ largest field hospital at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff supplying fuel for generators at the new Dragon’s Heart Hospital.

Colin Owen, managing director of Oil 4 Wales, said they were delighted to be able to help such a worthwhile cause at this challenging time. He said:

“The work being carried out by the Special Families Maesteg coronavirus help group is absolutely incredible. They are providing vital services to help so many people in the community 24/7, so we are delighted that we could support them.

“The pandemic has had such a devastating effect on everyone, so to see the community pulling together, and supporting each other, has been extremely heart-warming. We hope our donation will help the incredible volunteers to continue carrying out their essential work during this turbulent time.”

To support Special Families Maesteg email Claire Edmunds at sfmaesteg@outlook.com