Inspiring Sony UK TEC engineer claims three top tech awards

By Raspberry Jim,

A Sony UK Technology Centre engineer who is helping to “inspire a new generation of female tech talent” has claimed three prestigious national awards.

Jessica Leigh Jones received top honours in the Manufacturer Top 100, TechWomen50, and Women of the Future 2017 Awards.

The engineer, who is based at the leading manufacturing facility in Pencoed, claimed the Technology and Digital award at the Women of the Future Awards, which recognises women making an impact across a diverse range of professional sectors.

She was also recognised among the most exemplary 20 in the prestigious Manufacturer Top 100 list for 2017. This celebrates the invaluable contribution made by innovative and passionate individuals in the manufacturing sector.

Finally, she was named among the winners of the TechWomen50 Awards, following a public vote. These awards highlight the best female tech talent in the country, along with the impact of champions, companies and networks that are leading the way for future generations.

Ms Leigh Jones was recognised thanks to her passion and dedication to advancing manufacturing and technology standards across the UK.

She has demonstrated this through her role at Sony UK TEC, which produces thousands of HD and 4K broadcast and professional camera systems each year, where she is a part of the facility’s landmark Advanced Manufacturing Research Operations Centre (AMROC) team. This facility helps to develop ground-breaking manufacturing processes of the future, focussing on the fourth generation of manufacturing, industry 4.0.

On her recognition, she said: “It’s humbling to have been recognised among some of the country’s most inspirational female tech talents, who are truly making a difference and driving progress in the UK’s tech industry.

“These awards are vital in recognising the unparalleled contribution women are making across technology-based professions, and supporting their limitless potential for driving innovation and change in the future.

“I am delighted to have won these awards, and cannot thank my peers throughout the industry, and those who voted for me, enough.

“These awards particularly resonate with me personally, as they link in with our ethos at Sony UK TEC. As a facility we champion continuous innovation and are always striving for excellence, something which I feel is reflected wholeheartedly through these awards.”