CJCH Solicitors’ collaboration boosts global fight against cyber crime

By Raspberry Jim,

A Cardiff law firm is strengthening the fight against international piracy and cyber crime thanks to a landmark legal collaboration.

Experts from CJCH Solicitors have teamed up with Chinese law firm Hunyuan Partners to share their renowned anti-piracy knowledge, which could help tackle the wide-spread issue internationally.

As part of the initiative, chief executive officer and founding partner Stephen Clarke, and head of licence compliance research Tim Early, recently travelled to the firm’s Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul offices in a bid to further understanding surrounding anti-piracy practice.

During the trip topics discussed included software piracy, how to interpret infringement telemetry, and best practice from CJCH’s extensive experience of working in the field of Software Licence Compliance.

Mr Clarke, who specialises in advising in intellectual property and criminal law, said this was the start of an exciting new phase for both firms.

He said: “We would like to thank senior partner at the firm Zhenhao for welcoming us and working so effectively to further this collaboration.

“Not only will this exciting initiative help to strengthen international anti-piracy measures, it will also enable both firms to explore new markets and extend their legal and business reach into Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

“This new collaboration has opened up a wealth of exciting prospects for both firms and we welcome the opportunity to support each other in the future.”

Mr Early, from the Cardiff-based firm, said the initiative had been “extremely beneficial” for both firms, forging strong links going forwards.

He said: “This was a resounding success in international collaboration and cross-border relationship building. Based on the positive feedback received from the attendees, the training was well received and they were able to put the disseminated information to good use immediately.

“We look forward to progressing this new partnership and utilising it to enhance anti-piracy measures internationally.”

CJCH Solicitors was called on thanks to its international reputation in the fields of cyber crime and anti-piracy, having recouped millions of euros for clients in recent years.

Earlier this year their expertise attracted backing from the Welsh Government, as the specialist Cardiff firm aims to create and run a central hub for anti-piracy and cyber security in Wales.