Peru crime investigations get boost thanks to Cardiff expert

By Raspberry Jim,

Crime scene investigation in Peru is set to be significantly enhanced thanks to expert advice from a Cardiff-based special investigator.

Paul Stephens, who works for the Anti-Piracy and Compliance team at CJCH Solicitors, travelled 5,960 miles to Lima, in Peru, to deliver specialist crime scene training to officers from the Peruvian National Police force.

Sixteen officers, including lieutenants, majors and captains, took part in the month-long course, which focused on UK methods of crime investigation.

In the first week, Mr Stephens, who specialises in analytical research to prevent  international cyber crime and intellectual property infringements, focused on photographic and video evidence recording and how this could be used for crime scene reconstruction.

The second week explored DNA and trace evidence recovery and detailed how fingerprint powders and chemicals could contaminate this.

Week three covered fingerprint or footwear retrieval and its importance; while the final week saw the attendees face theory and practical assessments demonstrating what they had learned.

Mr Stephens said he was confident the training would provide far greater awareness of how to effectively police a crime scene to ensure the most accurate evidence was obtained.

He said: “Gathering evidence, and gathering it accurately, is absolutely crucial to the administration of justice in any country.

“Therefor evidence contamination is something that we work thoroughly to prevent by promoting these guidelines, which we in the UK follow stringently.

“It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to travel to Peru to work with the Peruvian National Police force to share our best practice in relation to crime investigation with them.

“I’m certain that through the skills they have obtained, evidence gathering and standards of crime scene investigation will be significantly enhanced, with all attendees now having far more awareness of the potential for evidence contamination.

“This was a fantastic and enormously worthwhile project to be a part of, and I look forward to hearing how this initiative enhance investigation standards in Peru.”

The course was part of an on-going education syllabus held in conjunction with the British Embassy Peru and AECOM.

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