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Rebrand vs refresh

By Raspberry Jim,

Rebrand vs Refresh…and what’s the difference?

In a world where attention spans are decreasing and the propensity to buy and research a company online is dramatically increasing, it is imperative that your brand remains fresh, current and reflective of your business.

Just like fashion, the look of your brand identity can feel dated after a while, so it’s understandable that many businesses rashly decide that a rebrand is in order.

But is a rebrand what you need? Or could a brand refresh be the answer?

The difference between the two concepts can often be confusing, so having just undergone a brand refresh at jamjar, we thought it was timely to put together a blog to help clear up any confusion.

But before we start, we think it’s as important to sum up what a brand is, as many incorrectly assume it’s just a logo.


What is a brand?

Your brand isn’t just your logo, name, culture or marketing efforts. Your brand is your company DNA. It’s your image, reputation, personality, point of distinction and promise to everyone who experiences it. It’s the culmination of it all that when combined work together to create a whole brand. Each piece is as crucial as the next, and you can’t have one without the support of the others or your brand will fall flat.

Rebrand or Refresh – what’s the difference?

We think a good way of differentiating between the two is using a property development analogy!

Is it a fresh coat of paint that you need or a complete rebuild of the property?

Do you need to refresh what you have to make it more current or should you “kill” the brand and start again?


A rebrand is essentially a complete reworking of your brand. It’s more than a brand redefinition or even a reposition. It’s a full restart and the end of the current brand and all that it stands for.

Everything from your name and aesthetics to your brand strategy will be completely different.

A rebrand is the right decision when your brand can’t go on as it is.

It may be due to new ownership or leadership, when your business is going in a new direction, or when your brand equity is negative or heading that way.


A refresh is a makeover of the current brand. It can as subtle as tweaks to the logo to make it fresh, current and up-to-date with the direction of the company. But it can also be a ceiling-to-floor rethink of how the brand not only looks but also how it delivers, speaks and operates.

The reason it’s different to a rebrand is because the brand’s DNA remains intact. The brand retains its core market position, its brand equity and values, but opens the door to change other aspects of the brand as required.

When to refresh?

  • To update an older brand and make it appealing to a current/new audience.
  • To address current market conditions.
  • When it feels disconnected from your offerings

Examples of brand refreshes

Ours is a good example of a brand refresh.

Our old brand was no longer fit for purpose as we now offer so much more than just PR – Marketing, Creative, Digital and Social. It was time to drop the PR from our name and get a new, fresh look.

Other examples include:

  • Converse
  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • Starbucks
  • Youtube

Rebrands gone wrong

If rebranding is the answer, be mindful that it can be intensive, costly and if not done right, can go horribly wrong.

A local one that springs to mind is Cardiff City. When new owner Vincent Tan took over, he decided to change Cardiff City’s brand identity as much as possible.

Known as the Bluebirds, with a history of blue kits and a blue logo, when Mr Tan took over, he decided to change the kit from blue to red, along with replacing the blue bird on the logo to a red dragon. Fair enough, he was playing up to the Welsh flag, but it just didn’t make sense.

To add to the confusion, Vincent Tan decided to let the team keep their original nickname and added a small blue bird to the bottom of their predominately red logo. Eeks!

Not only was the rebrand costly in terms of monetary value, it also cost Cardiff City the faith and trust of a selection of their newly confused fans. Needless to say our beloved Bluebirds are now back in blue!

What’s the right move for my business?

Hopefully, we’ve shed some light on the difference between the two concepts.

But before you decide to revamp your brand ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Why are we proposing a change?
  2. What would be the goal of a rebrand/refresh?
  3. What is our brand equity – good/bad?
  4. What will we be able to do as a result of this change that we have never been able to do up until now – and how do we know that?
  5. If we took a more/less radical approach, what would we gain/lose – and would that be worth it?


If you need any further advice or have taken the decision to rebrand or refresh your brand and need some creative support, we’d love to hear from.

Communications agency adds to its jar

By Raspberry Jim,

Creative communications agency jamjar has expanded its team following a year of growth and diversification.

The Cowbridge-based agency has appointed Anna Jarvis to head up its creative division and Mari Makarov as visual content producer.

Ms Jarvis joins the team having worked for outdoor advertising giants Kinetic Worldwide and JCDecaux in London where she worked with national brands including Comfort and Savse Smoothies.

Ms Jarvis, who has a BA in Creative Digital Media, will develop the agency’s creative offering, providing branding, design and digital support to its growing client base, which includes Techniquest, NHS Wales Informatics Service, Scouts Cymru and Greenaway Scott.

Ms Makarov joins the team having honed her video production and editing skills back in her native Estonia working with clients including luxury brand Chanel. With a first class degree in visual effects and motion graphics from the University of South Wales, at jamjar Ms Makarov will be responsible for creating visual content, such as photography, videos and motion graphics.

The expansion comes on the back of a recent brand refresh and a hugely successful year for the agency, which was the only agency in Wales to win at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Excellence Awards.

Managing director, Lyndsey Jenkins, said: “Since I started jamjar back in 2012 the communications world has changed considerably, and consequently our services have evolved to reflect this, and the growing requirements of our clients.

“As a result, earlier this year we decided the time was right to refresh our brand and drop the PR from our name.

“While PR will always be a core part of our business, we now offer so much more – creative, marketing, digital and social – so we felt it was essential to update our brand accordingly.

“As part of this diversification of the business, we have appointed Anna and Mari who are highly skilled to develop our enhanced offering. Visual content such as videos, animations and infographics continues to be the most effective way to communicate complex information so we’re delighted to have their expertise as part of the team.”

This is our new-look jam…

By Raspberry Jim,

We’re excited to lift the lid on our refreshed brand. We’ve been jam packed over the last few months preparing something sweet.

Since we started jamjar back in 2012 the communications world has changed considerably, and consequently our services have evolved to reflect this, and the growing requirements of our clients.

As a result, earlier this year we decided the time was right to refresh our brand and drop the PR from our name.

While PR will always be a core part of our business, we now offer so much more and we felt it was essential to update our brand accordingly. #samejarnewjam

When we reviewed our business, it was evident that ‘it’s what’s inside our jar that counts’ – our talented and knowledgeable team, our expertise and experience and our creative approach.

Because ‘it’s what’s inside our jar that counts’ we wanted our team to play a big role in our brand refresh. Consequently, we organised a jam making workshop with Angharad Underwood of The Preservation Society where we concocted five new flavours of jam to reflect our service offering: PR, Social, Digital, Creative and Marketing.

If you’re looking for design that stand-out, digital and social content that cuts through the noise, PR that boosts reputation and marketing collateral that delivers tangible results, we’d love to jam with you.

Our new brand has been hand-crafted by our team and we’re delighted with the results. We hope it tickles your tastebuds!

Stay sweet!

Cowbridge communications agency named amongst the best in the UK

By Raspberry Jim,


Jamjar inside

Creative communications agency jamjar has been crowned a ‘stand-out winner’ in the PR industry’s most prestigious awards.

The only Welsh representative in the national awards, jamjar won the ‘Best Use of Digital’ category at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)’s annual Excellence Awards.

Beating off strong competition from big name brands, including Facebook, jamjar’s #JoinCwmTaf campaign for Cwm Taf University Health Board was deemed the best in UK.

With recruitment of NHS staff a UK-wide problem with health boards competing to attract a limited workforce, jamjar developed an innovative digital campaign to attract doctors to work in the Valleys.

The campaign used Cwm Taf’s greatest ambassadors, its staff, to feature in a series of videos, as well as a 360-degree video to give potential new recruits the chance to get a glimpse of what the health board has to offer.

Judges praised the campaign for its research and outcomes, deeming it ‘best practice’, a ‘textbook example’ and a ‘stand-out winner’.

Jason MacKenzie, CIPR President, said: “Public Relations makes a remarkable contribution to UK plc. The Excellence Awards are a celebration of the outstanding work delivered across the country. Winning one of these puts you amongst the UK’s very best. Nothing evidences your credentials to future clients like an Excellence Award.”

Cowbridge-based jamjar was established in 2012 by Lyndsey Jenkins. The agency provides PR, digital, social, marketing and design support to a range of organisations including Techniquest, British Council Wales, Mrs Bucket, Sony UK Technology Centre and Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. It has won over 20 awards for its work in the last six years from the CIPR, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Welsh Business Awards.

On its latest win, managing director of jamjar Lyndsey Jenkins, said: “This is a campaign that we’re particularly proud of at jamjar so to get national recognition from our industry peers is all the more pleasing. We’re really proud to be flying the flag for Wales amongst some of the biggest brands and best agencies in the UK and we’re delighted to be putting the great work of Cwm Taf University Health Board on the map.”

Joanna Davies, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development at Cwm Taf University Health Board, said: “Our staff are at the forefront of our campaigns and, as always they have been wonderful ambassadors for Cwm Taf University Health Board and NHS Wales. They show every day that ‘Cwm Taf Cares’ and we hope that our latest recruitment initiative #JoinCwmTaf will encourage others to come and work with us. We are absolutely delighted to win this award.”


How business leaders can spot McMafia-style warning signs

By Raspberry Jim,

Phil 5

How easy is it for legitimate businesses to succumb to the temptation of financial crime?

That is the focus of the BBC’s latest drama McMafia, which is shining a vital spotlight on the often- overlooked world of financial and business crime.

The drama explores the illegal dealings of main protagonist Alex Godman, who runs his own London-based investment fund, which he abuses to further his professional and personal ambitions.

But as viewers have seen throughout its five-week run, his increasingly questionable decisions have drawn him further into the maze of murky underworld activity, with Mr Godman now left in a precarious position.

The drama’s success has sparked debate around the wide-spread nature of financial crime, with many questioning whether the events depicted could actually take place in UK businesses.

The weekly show could also be leaving business leaders considering what action they are entitled to take if they spot suspicious behaviour, and how to eradicate illegal temptations before they develop into criminal activity.

Leading serious fraud expert Phil Williams, at Cardiff-based defence firm Blackfords LLP, said McMafia’s rapid descent into crime is not as far fetched as it may appear.

He said: “Obviously in the case of this show, the events and storyline have been exaggerated for dramatic effect, however it does demonstrate just how quickly criminal activity can spiral into other illegal areas.”

However, Mr Williams, who specialises in complex criminal investigations, regulatory and disciplinary matters, is attempting to alleviate fears among business leaders, by offering expert advice on identification of activity and what action to take.

He said managers, team leaders, and directors were well positioned to eradicate financial and business crime before it has wide-spread consequences.

Types of financial and business crime

Financial and business crime can fall into a variety of different types of crimes.

These includes money laundering, fraud, theft, scams, tax evasion, embezzlement, counterfeiting, and forgery.

Mr Williams said managers could protect their firm by identifying the different legal areas and remaining vigilant.

What are the signs

As many of these types of business and financial crime differ, it can be difficult to spot a correlation between the signals.

However, Mr Williams has outlined common signals here:


An employee or colleague’s refusal to divulge information about a client, financial information relating to an account, or even their identity, could also spell trouble, Mr Williams said.

He added: “Business managers should be provided with full information on dealings taking place within a company, as such, an employee’s unwillingness to share information may indicate that something is wrong.

“This is particularly the case if they refuse to name the client or share financial information relating to this account.”

Monopoly over accounts

Tying into the theme of secrecy, if one person has total control over an account and is unwilling to share details, this could lead to criminal temptation.

Mr Williams advised managers to ensure responsibility was shared equally to prevent any potential criminal activity developing.

False information

Mr Williams said another warning sign which could identify criminal intent is incomplete records and forms.

This could involve suspicious documents, the origin or legitimacy of which cannot be traced; a refusal to name business partners in documents; numerous questionable tax IDs; and other information which may appear to be at odds with the client and account. Equally photocopied documents, rather than originals, and missing documentation could suggest documents have been altered.

Mr Williams said: “Documentation provides a legal record of any transactions which take place in relation to your business. But it can also be a quick indicator of any discrepancies surrounding a client or deal too. If information appears to be incomplete or inaccurate this could suggest something is wrong.”

Unusual transactions

The frequency, amount, and location to which money is transferred can reveal a substantial amount, Mr Williams said.

Transactions being made at unusual times of the day, to locations which seemingly bare no relevance to the client or company, and also at irregular frequencies could be warning signs.

Mr Williams added: “Another clear indicator of potential illegality is money being transferred to high risk jurisdiction countries. More information on these can be found on the FATF website.”


What steps do you take next?

Once these warning signs are identified, what steps can business leaders take next?

Mr Williams advised anyone with suspicious to begin recording and monitoring the behaviour of those suspected. Where there is financial irregularity he advised evaluating the company’s accounts with the support of an accountant, or impartial financial adviser to offer an unbiased opinion.

He said: “If you feel there are financial discrepancies, it is imperative you outline these to key players within the business and where possible keep a record of any ongoing losses or irregularities.

“Evaluate all the finances together and evaluate where the issue has arisen. Keep accurate and up to date information, as this will demonstrate provide all the necessary support should the case reach court. It also demonstrates that you gathered sufficient evidence to support your claim,  and have taken every consideration before escalating the issue.

“It is also essential that you seek legal advice at your earliest opportunity.”

Where to report suspicions

Action Fraud – Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime. To report fraudulent activity ring 0300 123 2040.

The National Crime Agency – which aims to eradicate organised and serious crime across the UK, can be contacted on 0800 555 111.

The Home Office is working with professional services firms through its Flag It Up! campaign to help honest enterprises avoid becoming enablers of crime. Visit for more information.

Financial Conduct Authority – A financial regulatory body in the UK which can be contacted on 0800 111 6768.



March was the month that…

By Raspberry Jim,

… surprised us!

If we thought February was a busy month, March took us all by surprise!

With new clients, award shows, and our jammers taking their skills into the classroom, we’ve had plenty to shout about.

Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to. … Continue reading

February – was the month that…

By Raspberry Jim,

…flew by!

After the world’s longest January, it seems like February has whizzed by faster than Raspberry Jim on rollerskates.

With only a few short weeks to cram in our usual busy schedules, our jammers spent the month out and about, playing Cupid, and consuming far too much sugar.

Here’s what we got up to… … Continue reading

January – was the month that ….

By Raspberry Jim,

We were shortlisted!

Coming back after Christmas can be difficult with January blues – but being shortlisted for a Welsh Business Award certainly made it less blue!

We were delighted to be named a finalist in the Excellence in Marketing and Communications category, alongside some other brilliant companies across Wales.

We’re looking forward to the awards ceremony in March.


We weren’t the only ones to be shortlisted…

Some of our brilliant clients were also shortlisted in this year’s Cardiff Life Awards!

Greenaway Scott and CJCH Solicitors were shortlisted in the Legal and Financial category, Techniquest was shortlisted in the Education, and Leisure and Tourism categories, and the Wales Millennium Centre was shortlisted in the Leisure and Tourism category.

Well done to all of them!


We got behind the camera…Sony vidThis month we’ve started work on a recruitment campaign for our client Sony UK TEC.

As a world-class manufacturing facility based in Wales, Sony UK TEC offers an amazing opportunity to those at the start of their careers. We asked staff what makes it such a great place to work and here’s what they had to say.

Watch the video here.

We added the finishing touches to the next phase of #joincwmtafcareerdevelopmentFollowing on from our exciting award wins for Cwm Taf UHB, we are delighted to be supporting them once again!

This month we have been working with Cwm Taf University Health Board to add the finishing touches to a new campaign targeting therapists and radiographers.

It’s due to launch next month, so watch this space.


We had even more great coverage!


Our clients have once again been making the headlines with our support this month. Here is just a snapshot of some of the coverage we have achieved for CJCH Solicitors, Greenaway Scott, Techniquest, Oil 4 Wales, Sony UK TEC, Wynne Jones IP, Verde Corporate Finance.


We said shwmae to S4C

This month we have been working with S4C to generate applications for its new programme FFIT Cymru.

FFIT Cymru will follow five people committed to changing their lifestyle. It will be shown on S4C in April 2018. The series will be presented by Lisa Gwilym along with a team of experts; personal trainer from Penarth Rae Carpenter, a dietitian Sioned Quirke who lives in Pont-y-clun and psychologist Dr. Ioan Rees’s who lives in Pen Llŷn.

As part of our exciting campaign, we have had over 160 applications from people wanting to take part in the show. We now can’t wait for it to air later in the year.

Y mis hwn rydym wedi bod yn gweithio gydag S4C i gynhyrchu ceisiadau gan y cyhoedd ar gyfer ei sioe iechyd a ffitrwydd newydd sbon, Fit Cymru.

Fel rhan o’n hymgyrch cyffrous, rydyn ni wedi derbyn dros 160 o geisiadau gan bobl sydd am gymryd rhan yn y sioe bydd yn darlledu ym Mis Ebrill.

Ni fedrwn ni aros i weld y canlyniadau!


Welcomed new Verde Corporate Finance director Craig Blackmore


Verde Corporate Finance appointed highly experienced commercial accountant Craig Blackmore.

Mr Blackmore will lead Verde whilst also maintaining his roles as CFO at Global Welsh, a not for profit company whose aim is to connect the international diaspora of Wales, whilst continuing to coach on the Accelerated Growth Programme.


Wales Millennium Centre audience got a surprise they’ll Never Forget!

Audience members who saw The Band at the Wales Millennium Centre got far more than they expected!

After watching the fantastic musical, based on the songs of Take That, Gary, Mark, and Howard themselves took to the stage for a surprise performance.

We’re sure it was the Greatest Day of their Lives!







December was the month that …

By Raspberry Jim,

December – This was the month that …

We got festive!


Yes all the jamjar ladies have embraced Christmas this year, and we even created our very own jamjar team photo (complete with fetching headwear!)

Earlier in the month we shared some festive cheer with our lovely clients by delivering our Christmas survival kits in a jamjar – of course!

We hope they helped get you through the party season.


Supported Cwm Taf’s latest campaign


Our head jammer Lyndsey has been extremely busy supporting the next phase of Cwm Taf University Health Board’s recruitment campaign this month.

Over the past week filming has taken place for Cwm Taf’s award-winning campaign.

Cwm Taf UHB will be launching the campaign in the new year in a bid to attract more innovative Allied Health Professionals from across the UK and internationally.


We said shwmae to S4C

This month we were delighted to start working with S4C on one of their upcoming campaigns, starting next year.

It’s still in the initial stages, so watch this space for more details!



We saw some great client coverage

Max Boyce

Our clients have once again been making the headlines with our support this month. Here is just a snapshot of some of the coverage we have achieved for Sony UK Technology Centre, Techniquest, CJCH Solicitors, and Oil 4 Wales.


A Sony UK TEC engineer saw huge awards success!

Sony pic

Sony UK Technology Centre engineer Jessica Leigh-Jones claimed three top national awards over the past month, thanks to her dedication to “inspiring a new generation of female tech talent”.

She received top honours in the Manufacturer Top 100, TechWomen50, and Women of the Future 2017 Awards. Ms Leigh Jones was recognised thanks to her passion and dedication to advancing manufacturing and technology standards across the UK.


The Bear and Miss Saigon


We’ve been out and about supporting some fantastic shows at the Wales Millennium Centre this month.

First up we enjoyed Miss Saigon’s visit to Cardiff, which was absolutely brilliant! If you’ve not seen this show, we would urge you to go.

Then some of our littlest jammers got in the Christmas spirit with a special viewing of The Bear. This lovely little show was the perfect pre-Christmas treat!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From all the team at jamjar we hope you have a brilliant Christmas and we hope your 2018 is jam-packed with happiness!




November: this was the month that …

By Raspberry Jim,

CIPR Cymru Pride awards 2017 - Cardiff City Hall - Cardiff - Friday 24th November 2017 © - Please Credit: Ian Cook - Fotowales

CIPR Cymru Pride awards 2017 – Cardiff City Hall – Cardiff – Friday 24th November 2017
© – Please Credit: Ian Cook – Fotowales

We won gold!

jamjar claimed four gold awards at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Cymru Wales PRide Awards on November 24 at Cardiff City Hall – needless to say, we were thrilled!

For our work with educational charity Techniquest, we picked up gongs in the Not-For-Profit campaign and STEM campaign categories.

We also claimed the top awards in the Best Use of Digital and Healthcare campaign categories for our work to boost recruitment of nurses at Cwm Taf University Health Board.

It was great to get this recognition from our industry body and it tops off another great year for the team.


We started mixing up the jam


Our in-house designer Anna has started work this month on refreshing our brand. After five years of Raspberry Jim taking pride of place, we’ve decided to give him a little makeover in preparation for a fresh new look in 2018!

The last five years have been a whirlwind and our offering and the industry has evolved considerably during this time. We’re really looking forward to unveiling our new look in 2018 – so watch this space.


We sampled the new Moksh Christmas menu


Moksh has been previewing its exciting new festive taster menu this month.

And two of our lucky team, Megan Richards and Shelley-Marie Phillips got the chance to sample some of the innovative dishes including lamb meat balls and cinnamon candy floss, jaffa chicken tikka in a sealed smoke jar, and Indian street food the alchemist way this December.

Award-winning chef Stephen Gomes has once again out done himself. If you haven’t been to his fine dining Indian restaurant in Cardiff Bay, make sure you pay it a visit this Christmas.


Oil 4 Wales welcomed Max Boyce

Leading Welsh oil distributor Oil 4 Wales has welcomed comedian and entertainer Max Boyce to its family this month.

The national brand has appointed the Welsh icon as one of its high-profile ambassadors, joining sporting heroes including Dan Biggar, Dan Lydiate, and Ken Owens, along with BBC Welsh Hill farmer Gareth Wyn Jones.


We hosted Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council’s Playfest event


On November 1, we hosted a free play festival – PlayFest – on behalf of Merthyr County Borough Council. The event marked the start of a new campaign – All to Play For – which encourages children and young people in the borough to swap TVs, tablets and phones for playing.


We attended Techniquest’s Christmas show video filming

Techniquest is getting in the festive spirit with its latest Christmas science show!

The Cardiff-based science discovery centre is preparing to present its twist on a classic, with its Techniquest Christmas Carol.

To promote their latest offering, we shot a little festive video with Rockadove, giving visitors a little sneak peek into what they can expect.

Keep an eye out on the Techniquest social channels to see what we got up to!


Our clients had some brilliant coverage!

 cov 3


Our clients have once again been making the headlines with our support this month. Here is just a snapshot of some of the coverage we have achieved for Blackfords LLP, Cardiff Bus, CJCH Solicitors, Sony UK Technology Centre, The Admiral St David, Techniquest and Wynne Jones IP.


We attended lots of events

This month has been particularly busy for jamjar with menu samplings, anniversaries, major show launches, and of course – awards!

Here’s just a quick peek at what we’ve been up to …

    Cardiff Life 10th anniversary, Admiral St David, November 21st                                    

cardiff life

Tiger Bay world premiere, Wales Millennium Centre, November 15th

tiger bay


We have a lovely student apprentice


For the past month we’ve been joined by Swansea University student Zuzana Hajska.

Zuzana, who is studying Media and Communication Studies, has been a great support to all the jamjar team over the past month. She will be working with us right up until Christmas. Thanks for all your hard work Zuzana!


We had fun at our annual team building day!

pottery 1

A great day was had by all at our annual team building day.

We enjoyed a lovely, and slightly bubbly, lunch at The Classroom at Cardiff & Vale College, followed by a pottery throwdown workshop at The Sustainable Studios.

Some of us excelled and displayed some enviable pottery skills, others of us, maybe even someone writing this blog, will be sticking to the day job!

After an enjoyable afternoon we enjoyed a few well-earned drinks in Cardiff to finish off a great day!


We delivered some festive cheer!


The team has been getting into the Christmas spirit this week, by delivering some very special presents.

This year we have created a festive season survival kit, jam-packed with all the essentials you need to get you through the party season. Rennies, paracetamol, mistletoe, eye drops, plasters, mints, and much more!

We hope all of our clients and friends have a jammin’ Christmas!


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